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Years of successful operation of the enterprise

55 +

Production Units

4 500 +

Employees in the company's staff

1 800 +

Factory partners

100 +

Wide range of products

The product range includes CPG parts for all types of internal combustion engines. As well as details of transmission units and control mechanisms.

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High-precision equipment, unique technologies and developments allow us to reduce production costs while maintaining high product quality

Unique production

The only specialized plant for the production of all parts of the cylinder-piston group in Russia and other CIS countries



The Company makes a significant contribution to the development of the economy of the Russian Federation and is a key taxpayer and employer in the Kostroma Region. The company employs more than 2000 people. The team is tightly integrated into the cultural and business environment of the region: employees participate in many "external" events under the "flag" of the company, off-site events of business organizations and authorities are held at the sites of the KZA itself. [Not Agreed]


Russian world-class manufacturer

High-precision equipment and unique technologies allow KZA to bring products to the market that meet international quality standards.

The company is certified according to ISO: 9001 (Quality Management System Organization).

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  • 55 +

    years of quality

  • 40 countries

    geography of supplies "Motordetal"

  • 25 million

    units of finished products per year

  • Official supplier

    engine factories and automotive companies